• Sworn translations in all languages, including commercial translations.

  • According to the language from € 0.08.

  • Certified translations are official translations that are as valid as an original document to the Public Administration, as are sealed and signed by the translator.

  • Legal Translation covers the field of Law (Administrative, Criminal, Litigation, International, Civil, etc..) and we have translators with extensive legal expertise to accurately translate legal terminology.
                               TAX ADVICE

  • Preparation and processing of tax returns for non residents and residents.

  • Processing and registration of the nie number.

  • Processing of municipal taxes.

  • Energy certificates.

  • Habitability certification.

  • Our tax services were created to meet their compliance and tax advice. Our tax experts use all their knowledge and skills to offer him the best service.


  • Extracts from the land registry.

  • Assistance and interpretation at the notary.

  • Entry in the land registry.

  • Change of name to all the authorities and supply offices.

  • Real estate services - sales and purchases.

  • Also we provide a service where we offer real estate homes in the entire area of the Costa Blanca

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